The drawing, programming and story done by myself alone. If anyone would like to contribute photos , soundtracks, sound effects, etc, I would be more than delighted to receive them 

Character and Game design  EXAX
 Story and plot  EXAX
 Characters and CG art EXAX
 Background photo processing EXAX
 Background Photo (Incomplete list)Ayaemo Creative Institue
 Music (Incomplete)
  Dee Yan-KeyPandanekotaiso
 BoxCat Games Di Evantile 
 Lemoncreme Orange Sounds 
 David Szesztay ShadyDave
 Kai Engel  The Monarques
  Jason (Jay) St. Thomas Alan Singley
 Edward Shallow Alasdair Cooper
 Purple Planet Music Alex Fitch 
PatrickLieberkind Fabio Di Santo
 Essa John Leonard French
  魔王魂 Vasco Grossman
 ... ...


 Main theme Piano 16  魔王魂
 1 I am Climbing on Air Kai Engel 
 2 Nothing Lasts Forever     Kai Engel 
 3 Dark Days DJ Rolfsky
 4 World of Two Lemon Creme
 5 Coffee Shop David Szesztay
 6 Jefferson Blue Dot Studios
 7 Summer's Coming Dexter Britain
 8 8 Bit Heaven Purple Planet Music
 9 Sweet Success    Purple Planet Music

10  Take me Higher Jahzzar
11 The First time I laid Eyes Audiobinger 
12                            Smile                               Kiwii2016
13 Solitude Kiwii2016
14 Winterland DJ Rolfsky
15 Bushwick Tarantella  Kevin MacLeod
16 16 Bit Joshuaempyre
 17 Let's Ride Alasdair Cooper
 18 Together in the Empty Dexter Britain           
 19 安らぎの思い 魔王魂
 20Expressions of the mind
(Main Menu theme) 

 21                           Corridor      Purple Planet Music  
 22 Wasteland  John Leonard French
23 Piano Ambient                   Theworkingbamboo
 24 Starting Over AudioBinger 
 25 Down PoundSound
 26 Rhythmic Game Ambience 

 27 Train of Thought
 (electronic music loop 001)
 28 Piano 41  魔王魂
 29 Aimless Dee Yan-Key

 30                           Bubbles
(Generic Game Loop 5 )       

 31Her mystery 
(Ambient Loop 3) 
 32 Archived dreams Dj Rolfsky
 33 Decisions Kevin MacLeod
 34 Dra Pa Dj Rolfsky
 35Piano 32 魔王魂
 36  Reaching out Kevin MacLeod
 37 Not too quietZikweb
 38 The long Goodbye John Pazdan
 39 Start UpSoundorbis 
 40 Rained out Soundorbis 
 41 Morphine Soundorbis 
 42 Bye Bye Sekai Soundorbis 
 43Piano 33  魔王魂
 44 Impromptu in Blue Kevin MacLeod
 45 Vanes Kevin MacLeod
 46 Piano 39 (Re titled: Encore) 魔王魂


 Packard Antique                                     Typographer Mediengestaltung
 Drugstore Walts Bumbayo Font Fabrik
 Autumn Moon Misti Fonts
 Los Blau Erreur Bumbayo Font Fabrik
 NightCola Stygma Font Bumbayo Font Fabrik
 Dying Justice: A case for Decriminalizing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Canada Jocelyn Downie
 Management of Challenging Behaviors in Dementia Ellen  K. Mahoney, Ladislav Volicer, Ann C. Hurley
 Mental Health Disorders SourcebookBasic Consumer Health Information about Mental and Emotional Health and Mental Illness Karen Bellenir
 ObsessionLeonnard J. Davis 

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