Height: 170cm Weight: 51kg

Pessimist with almost no self esteem. Junjou is naturally curious, naturally observant and sensitive to the changes that occur in both the environment and the people around him. 


 Liona Rivers

リオナ リバース


Height: 157cm Weight: 46kg

She is very smart, elegant, refined, and angelic. Helpful but strict, also prideful for good reasons.



Height: 145cm Weight: 40kg

Third year student at Inova Middle School.  Typical cosplaying weaboo. 



 Height: 165cm, Weight: 50kg

Quiet girl with a hidden, worrisome side.  Adventurous and brave for wrong the reasons. 




Height: 153cm Weight: 45kg

A ghost that only Junjou can interact with. Seems to have business with someone in the school...

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