Height: 170cm  Age: 19 (Turning 20)

"They can do what they want with me."

Pessimist bearing zero self esteem. Junjou is curious, naturally observant and sensitive to the changes occurring in both the environment and in the people around him. His bad habit of jumping to conclusions often render his observations useless.

Height: 157cm Age: 18

"If we become any closer, you will be hurt, and I will end up bearing the consequences."

The refined girl in school that everyone seems to adore. She is helpful, strict and prideful for good reasons. Aside from her gentle demeanor, Liona seems to be rather empty as her day-to-day activities generally orbit around the school and nothing else.


Height: 160cm Age: 17

"Nobody wants to live a dishonest life. They do it in order to survive."

Sharp eyed and fit, Hassin has a knack for all kinesthetic tasks. She is intelligent but considers school to be meaningless. Instead, she prefers to spend her time polishing skills needed to maintain the arcade she currently works at. 

Height: 145cm Age: 14

"People don't become more accepting in the future. They just get better at talking about acceptance."

Diminutive third year student at Inova Middle School. Easy to befriend but almost impossible to negotiate with. Currently acting as landlord at Junjou's building. Likes BL, cute girls and cosplaying. Picture your typical degenerate trash and here she is.

Height: 165cm 


An independent and quiet girl. Her character flickers between 0 and 100 without a much preferred gray area. She is stoic and sadistic, brutally honest and deceiving, aloof and insightful all at once. Nobody really knows how to describe her. She doesn't know either.
 Supporting Characters

Height: 182cm  Age: 21(Turning 22)

"... sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. It's not like I really enjoy coming here or anything."

Junjou's older brother. Studying neurology at Inova University Hospital. Resourceful and witty, he can take care of Junjou in addition to himself. Having gone through IB, he has a very specific sense of humor that only fellow prisoners of IB could comprehend. 
  Dr. Seki

Height: 185cm  Age: secret

"Let's see... what else..."

Head doctor at Inova University Hospital. Exact age is unclear, though he is rumored to be in his 20's. A  stoic and a genius. 

Height: 170cm  Age: 20

"Did you forget about me? Even though we were once in the same class..."

A nursing student at Inova University Hospital who is currently completing practicum. Had once been in the same class as Junjou. Softspoken and somewhat clumsy. 

Height: 176cm  Age: 17

"No hard feelings, okay?"

According to Junjou, Meg is a selfish bastard with an inflated ego and a tendency to manipulate others in his advantage. Nonetheless, everyone else seems to get along with Meg just fine. What could be the reason behind this difference in evaluation... ?
  Mr. Ken

Height: 165cm 

"I knew you'd come around."

Teacher at Inova Secondary School. A genuine teacher who isn't afraid to go the extra mile. Although students tend to give him a hard time, everyone loves Mr. Ken at heart. 

Height: 147cm  Age: 13

"Don't group me with this ape."

Blue haired boy. Slightly more tame than Rico. 

Height: 150cm  Age: 13

"You're the ape, I'm better than you."

Red haired boy. Slightly less tame than Alex.

Height: 150cm 

"Follow me, I'll show you to your table..."

Owner of Cafe Sonore. The kind of person you could spill your secrets to and know that you're in good hands. Knowledgeable about flowers and tea.

Character building corner

  JJOt Od  SeKe 
 OST playlist   Hassin     
Food likesLight meals FrenchIs a carnivore N/A SweetsJunjou's cooking Belle de Brillet Pear Liquer Ginger ale
Food dislikesFried foodSpicy  VegetablesCilantro  Garlic N/APackaged sweets N/A
 Theme song (Amazarashi)  雨男
 エンディングテーマ 隅田川 Juvenile  僕が死のうと思ったのは
 無題 穴を掘っている この街で生きてる
 Best subject N/ALanguage artsPhysical Education Social Studies N/A All sciences N/A N/A
 Worst subjectEverythingArt  Language artsPhysics N/A ArtN/A  N/A
 Most proud of Cooking skillsN/A Gaming Design and Sewing  N/A Strong memorySharp tongue N/A
 Insecure about Physique Relationships Finances Height N/A SchoolN/A N/A
 Living statusNorth district apartments with Odoe  Outskirts apartment, alone
 N/A North district apartments as manager N/A North district apartments with Junjou
 N/AWith wife and kids 
 Dream vacationAt home  Around EuropeAt arcade Tokyo N/A Travel the world Cruising Anywhere the family wants to go
 Hidden AbilityTaking everything in the most negative way possible N/A Competitive eating Karaoke N/A N/A Teaching N/A
 Flower  Hyacinth Alstroemeria Sunflower Hydrangea   
 TinierMe variation      

 Mabinogi Variation         

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