Shinima Junjou
 真今 准錠 

Height: 176cm Weight: 52kg

Junjou is skinnier than average. Years of poor self-care became the reason behind his sickly appearance. He is a pessimist with little to no self esteem. Junjou is naturally curious, naturally observant and sensitive to the changes that occur in both the environment and the people around him. 


 Liona Rivers

リオナ リバース


Height: 157cm Weight: 46kg

Liona is born with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very smart, elegant, refined, and angelic. She wears an unreadable smile, and is always courteous. She can be found playing soccer at the sport field on weekends. Likes sweets, especially the handmade cakes of Cafe Sonore.


Itsukawa Otau
伍河 おたう 

Height: 145cm Weight: 40kg

Third year student at Inova Middle School. She refuses to attend classes ever since she had been granted entry into Inova High School. Her clothes are decorated to express her love for anime. Happy-go-lucky Otau has a very childish personality. She enjoys crafting, and has a vast imagination. Despite being a popular cosplayer, she doesn't seem to have friends. Spends a majority of her time alone, making costumes.


 Meame Saori
目雨 佐織

 Height: 165cm, Weight: 50kg

A plain girl with little to no presence, you'd never bother to take a second look at her when passing by. Saori wears a knitted sweater even on hot days. She has a hidden side of her that is adventurous and brave. Her skill is being able to irritate anyone by her constant use of sarcasm and insults. Her tone, which is usually inaudible and airy, is uncomfortable to listen to. 


Yukiyama Tengaki
雪山 天雅記

Height: 153cm Weight: 45kg

On the surface, Teno is a third year delinquent at Inova High School. In reality, she is a ghost that only Junjou can interact with. Teno has short legs and chubby cheeks. People often mistake her tendency to space out for hostility. Teno is easily embarrassed and clumsy, making her the target of Junjou's jokes.

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